Re: Harmonica Maintenance Tools

pat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
<< Forget the file. Get something like this: >>

pat's absolutely right about these sanding wands.  i use parts of the oskar 
kit ...actually, i guess just the brass reed support.  i use that to pluck 
the reed during tuning.  on a few harps i did, i used the oskar chisel to 
scoop out part of the reed plate in front of the tip, in order to have the 
gap lower.  it worked fine, but didn't give me enough return to justify the 
now i use the oskar plucker, the sanding wands, a .002 or so shim from a gap 
checking set to support the reed, and a toothpick to shape the reed and set 
the gap.  also, a piece of 1/16" brass stock (it's used to engrave upon or 
something and i got it at a hardware store) for reed flattening and the ball 
end of a glass cutter to roll in the edges of the slot.
most of the above was gleaned from rupert oysler's excellent harp repair 
videos (available, appropriately enough at www.harprepair).

steven j gatorman

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