Re: Dating

Tim wrote:
>>The comb material has also been
>>changed from peach wood to pear wood (not sure I could really tell
>>just by looking). There are probably some other things that I've left
>I wasn't aware of the peachwood combs, do you have an idea when this switch was 
>made? I have seen several VERY old Marine Bands which seem to have a different 
>quality of wood. 

Around WWII, I think, but I could be wrong.

>>All in all, somebody could write a book on how to date MBs from all
>>these things, but not me - at least, not this week...
>No one better qualified than you, Pat. 

I can think of at least one person better qualified than me. Someone
from the Joliet area...

>I've seen most of these variations, but 
>I've never tried to document and date them. I know roughly how the major 
>changes occured sequentially, but not at what point in history. Does Hohner 
>keep any data or examples on this topic?

Very likely, but getting access to this information is another a
matter. The HCI magazine has had some articles about dating Hohner
harps by certain features.

Another change that I've just remembered was the addition of the slot
along the front of the reedplates that accepts the front edge of the
cover. That was introduced some time in the early 20th century.

 -- Pat.

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