Harmonicas for Sale

Hey Everyone,

  I'm selling some harmonicas. I need the cash and I'm not a collector, so..

  I have:

  -  a couple of PreWWII 64's, completely reworked with new Lucite combs.
These were done by Bill Romel a couple of years ago.

  -  A preWWII 270, cherried out by Steve Malerbi. It plays great, and looks

  - Last but not least, I'm selling my Power CX - 16, by Brendan Power. I'm
selling it with his blessing, he still does the mods on my 64 Chromonicas,
which I play exclusively now. They are going on his website for $700, this a
good chance for you to own one for much less than that.

  For prices and questions, or just to say hi, contact me off - list at:

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