Harmonica Maintenance Tools

This was brought up a few years ago but it ended up being in a lot of
different posts and I am not sure this was even in the topic.

I have the Lee Oskar Tool kit and need to upgrade to a more advanced,
user-friendly kit since I use it everyday and all my stuff is warn out now.
Exactly where can I find a piece of small brass rod (to make an offset
tool), something to easily scoop the reeds, and a file and stuff for tuning
and etc.

I plan on buying an old highschool desk and gluing a large, white, plastic
chopping board to the surface. This will my work station. I will face it
against a wall, facing a natural, 24" florescent light. This will give me a
cheap, great work place to do my work since I do this several hours a week.
I do NOT plan on doing this for any profit, I am just looking for better
tools at a cheap price. Any tips and pointers will be great!

Vince Cheney

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