Re: SBS vs. 365

>Mojo, it seems like the octave jump at the lower end of the SBS would
>confuse me. Doesn't it sound strange if you try to "gliss" or slide up
>across holes three and four?

i don't know about Ken, but i just think of the bottom three holes on the 
SBS as an extension of an otherwise regular diatonic. meaning, i tend to 
play it using the 5 draw as "home base" (since it's the same as 2 draw on a 
MB). the "left hand side" (bottom 3 holes) come in handy though for low 
octaves and for chugging, or, like i said before, to make blues-scale runs 
all the way down another octave (which is really easy. draw 4 on the SBS is 
like draw 4 on an MB, but an octave higher -- say, in 2nd pos: d4, d4', b4, 
d3', 2' is just like on a MB, only an octave lower.) to me, it's the natural 
extension leftward of a regular harp!  and though i guess i've never tried a 
gliss across holes, 3&4 it should be just like on a regular MB, only... 
well, you know ;)

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