Doug Demmings & the Jewel Tones

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>From: "brian miller" <madussa45@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>i recently herd a cd on the radio by a band called doug demmings and the
>jewell tones. the harmonica player really caught my ear, he had a very
>fresh  sound and his solos were quite interesting. not the same old
>rehashed licks  over and over. does anyone out there know who the harp
>player is in this  band and where they are from? thanks

The website was given by John Adams:

And Dennis Cooper wrote:
>A quick check of the site reveals that Greg "Fingers" Taylor of 
>Jimmy Buffet fame is the harp player referred to.

Well, maybe.  
Info on the website mentions this harper [one wellknown to many of us]:

>Dave Morris has been a player on the national blues scene for over 
>15 years. He toured North America and recorded throughout the 1990's 
>with the blues/jump band Big Dave and the Ultrasonics. His playing 
>has been featured in film soundtracks, television commercials and 
>radio jingles.

Then later discusses the group's first recording, adding:

>Featured guests include Holmstrom and Mugalian, as well as the 
>harmonica playing of Gregg Fingers Taylor (of Jimmy Buffett fame) 
>and the swinging harp lines of Brian Miller.

Hmm... Is there an echo in here?   ;)


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