RE: SBS vs. 365 (was 364) 14 (was 12) hole low harps

Thanks to all for answering my questions about the SBS and 364/365's.  I did
indeed make a mistake when I said that I have a new 364--it's really A Low C
365 (my dumb!).  I guess I can count to 14 (holes), but 365 is apparently
way out of my range.  :)

Mojo, it seems like the octave jump at the lower end of the SBS would
confuse me.  Doesn't it sound strange if you try to "gliss" or slide up
across holes three and four?  I imagine you can do some nice tongue-block
effects and  octaves down there with that disjoint layout, tho'.

And, yes, Jp, I'm still figuring out the upper end of the 365...

Gracias, Michelle

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