Re: Hohner Rhythmn & Blues chord harp

Jerome wrote:
>I recently got me a Hohner Rhythmn & Blues chord
>harp in mint condition. It's the red version
>which is meant for blues and such. The black
>version (which I'd like to have too. Anybody got
>one for me?) is supposed to be for more
>traditional stuff, Irish, Jiddish and what have
>Does anybody know when these harps where made?
>Any other info?

They came out in the late 1960s and were discontinued in the late
1970s. They were protected by British patent 973532, granted in 1962
to Tommy Reilly and others. The patent also described a 12-chord
version with a slide, but that never went into production.

They were built on the same frame as the Golden Melody Tremolo harp,
with a modified mouthpiece. The red combed one was model number
8702/CI and gave the blow chords C, F and G7; draw chords Bb, Eb and
F7. The black combed one was model 8703/FII and gave blow chords F, Gm
and Bb; draw chords Dm, C7 and G7.

 -- Pat.

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