Reno, NV, Bass Lake / Fresno, CA, Irvine, CA

Greetings Harp-L's,

I'm taking a relaxed and winding route down to Jon GIndick's Harmonica Jam 
Camp and would love to meet any group members and/or jam at the local clubs 
along the way.

Here's the schedule:

Saturday & Sunday 10th & 11th.-Reno, Nevada.

Monday & Tuesday 12th & 13th.-Bass Lake, California (Near Fresno)

Wednesday 14th.-Wherever we land...

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th. Irvine, CA

I'd really appreciate hearing about any local jams in the above areas and 
would love to meet some fellow harmonica players along the way!

Feel free to email me offline.

Best Regards,

The Harmaniac Dennis M. Cooper

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