Re: Dating Harmonicas

Vince wrote:
> I am actually looking for some pics of some prewar Marine Band harps and the
> like. anyone know where I can find these pics, let me know!

There have been only two significant cosmetic changes to the Marine Band since 
it was introduced in 1897 in the US.  The first was switching from the two 
tabbed ("mickey mouse ear") covers around 1920-something, and the second was 
the removal of the six-pointed Star of David from the bottom cover in the mid-
1930s.  There have been a number of other subtle changes -- from 3/4 to 3/3 
top/bottom nail pattern, flattening of the rivet heads, addition of new "prize" 
seals on the bottom cover, the switch from nickel to chrome plating on the 
covers -- but besides this, more changes have come to the box than the harp 
inside it.  

I have some pictures of some prewar Marine Bands I had for sale that are still 
lingering around my website:
These harps have been customized, so they have the end nails replaced with 
stainless steel screws, but you can see these look pretty much like the modern 
Marine Band.  

I'm looking around now to see if I have any pictures of the tabbed kind.  These 
come up on ebay from time to time.

- -tim

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