Re: Hohner Rhythmn & Blues chord harp

Hi Ron,
It is a very limited instrument. But it's great
fun nevertheless. There only three big holes to
play through, so that's 6 very rich sounding
chords. The draw 2 and draw 3 are the same chord.
I haven't got the tuning layout with me but I'll
post that later if anyone is interested. Trying
to bend is a waiste of time, won't really work.
It's funny that, cos your mouth sort of does all
those tricks without thinking so you feel
handycapt at first. Anything else like vibrato
and articulation is of course possible. If you're
thinking of combining these three large holes you
need a tongue like a coal shovel and a mouth the
size of the queen's palace entrance, so forget
about that one. I was thinking of recording
something with this harp soon with a proper harp
solo on top of course. It has the design offa
Golden Melody, only bigger I'd say. I'd really
love to have the black version too. So if anybody
bumps into one.....

Jerome Blanes

Keep it and have fun. It's a neat instrument. Not

too versatile,
y'understand but very cool. I'd love to find one 
of each in good
working order myself.

Oh...and the major chord version is _perfect_ for

Louie Louie
and Hang on Sloopy!

I had one--gave it away. Dumb me. Dumb me. :-)

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