Re: SBS vs. 364

Hey Michelle,

     congrats on your new toy ;) i am a little confused, though: i've heard 
of the Hohner 364 (a 12-hole harp, pitched an octave low in the key of C) 
and the Hohner 365 (a 14-hole harp, again, pitched an octave low in the key 
of C).  I don't have either of these, but i got the descriptions at Harp 
   i do have an SBS in C though! the difference between the SBS and the 
other harps (let's stick with the key of C here...) is the note arrangement:

   as i understand it, the 364/365 are both just like a regular Marine Band, 
but the 1 hole starts an octave lower than the Marine Band does (again, this 
is true for C. in other keys, like G, hole 1 is the same as in the MB). the 
364/5 then use the regular (Richter) tuning pattern all the way up the harp 
(though the very top end is screwy, at least on the 365. i'll let you 
explain that one).

   the SBS however is designed so that hole 4 is just like hole 4 on the 
regular C Marine Band, only an octave lower. hole 3 on the SBS is an octave 
lower than hole 3 on the MB, and the same for holes 2 and 1. this means that 
the entire draw chord normally found in the bottom 3 holes of the MB is 
repeated, only an octave lower. (the draw notes on the SBS would be 
DGBDGBDFAB...etc..., but on the 364 they would be DGBDFABDFA...etc...)  i 
use this for train tunes in C, especially, or as rhythmic backup when other 
players are using a regular C harp. it's also been useful in extending riffs 
that normally end on the 1 draw, down to the tonic an octave lower. the 
bends are tough down there, but they are fun! an SBS in D is especially 
killer, as it makes both a great solo weapon and a great rhythm machine ;)
  one more thing, the SBS is a 14-hole harp. you might be wondering about 
that last hole at the very top -- well, i don't know about that since i 
don't play it. it's really high up there...)

oh... here's a page with a pretty good layout. no mention of the 364 

thanks Mike.


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