RE: 12c amp

I love my 68 super reverb when I need volume. It does not sound great
untill 3 or 4, but then it's got a sweet ,even crunch that can't be beat.
Blackfaces may run you alittle more than1200 but it's possible. Mine is
silver but the chasis is "AB763" which means it is the same as all the
blackies except for perhaps a very few marked"AA763" in their first run. 
The 4 tens are a great harp and guitar configuration, moving much more air
than a 15 or 2-12's. While many ab763 fenders are 40 watts like the super,
the output tranny on the super is very bassy, I've heard it is the same as
the 4-10 Bassman, though I'm not positive. Anyway, some of the other 40
watters are thinner sounding.  Some Silverfaces after 68 sound good or can
be made to sound good, changing them back to blackie specs. However, ones
with master volumes are often dogs forever, so be careful. I feel the tube
rectifier is very important in getting that singing,sagging tone and black
and silver twins , bandmasters and bassman's don't have them. The nice
thing about the Super (and any other tube rectifier black or siver-except a
deluxe- is you can put a diode rectifier in the tube socket for a change of
sound if you like.

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