Re: SBS vs. 364 12-hole low harps

I changed the subject line, the 364's are 12 hole and available in more
keys.  The 365/28's formerly the 365/14  is the longer version currently
only available in C or G.  What makes the SBS worth more?  I have no
idea but I do have an idea about why it costs more.  The reedplates are
non standard and produced in smaller quantities than the 365's.  If what
you're after is the Rice Miller thing then go with the 364's. 
Personally I like 'em both.  I have a slew of 364's, 365's and SBS's
collected over many years.

Regarding the tunings, the SBS's are just like a standard Richter 10
hole with an extra 3 notes in a lowered octave appended to the first 3
holes.  You end up with 9 draw bend holes in a row.  The 364 and 365
series are extended 10 hole tunings that sometimes start an octave
lower.  The D and the C are lowered, the G starts in the same place as
the 10 hole version.  The SBS ends up looking like this, CEGCEGCEGCEGCE
blow, DGBDGBDFABDFAB.  The 365/28 has the same CEGCEGCEGCEGCE on the
blow, starting an octave lower just like the C SBS but the draw pattern
is different, DGBDFABDFABDFA.  What makes that so different is the
relationship between the blow and draw notes.  You get to hole 8 and
you've got a blow bend.  For the 364 tuning just lose the last 2 blow
and draw notes.  For an excellent overview of the 365/364 series
harmonicas see HIP number I can't remember at the moment.  I don't know
if Winslow's doing back issues currently or not.  Great article.  Given
a little time I could find my copy and get the specific number, I think
it's vol 3.  fjm

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