RE: SBS vs. 364 14-hole low harps

Thanks to fjm and others for explaining in detail just what the SBS special
is.  I've been wondering about that because I have been wanting to add a
low-keyed harp to my collection so that I can play come of SBWII's songs
that use them (e.g., Bye Bye Bird, one of my favorite harmonica-based
songs).  Only last week I decided to go for a 364/28 Marine Band low C for
two reasons.  One, I figured Sonny Boy never had the opportunity to play a
SBS special--a potentially important fact since it is his songs that
motivated me to go for a big, expensive wood-combed harp to begin with.  :)
Two, the 364's are 10 bucks cheaper.

So now that everyone is raving about the SBS and no one ever mentions the
364's, I'm a wonderin' what I'm missing?  I might mention that the 364 has
very quickly become one of my favorite diatonics, even though the wood comb
and nailed reedplates take some getting used to.  I haven't even figured out
all the positions I can play on it and it does have ~fine~ tone!  I can't
find much detail about the 364 at the Hohner sites and the Coast2Coast site
is unusually glib about it.  From what I can tell, it sounds very much like
the SBS special.  What makes the SBS special different or better and worth
30% more than the 364/28's?

Muchas Gracias,


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