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Monday, May 05, 2003, 11:17:29 PM, PL500/Andrew wrote:

Pac> Muddy Waters and most other blues acts during the 50's and 60's did not
Pac> play with major volume. The stage volume was quite soft compared to
Pac> most bands today, there  is reason for that.

Amen to that. A (non-harmonica) case in point is a BC guitar player, Cal
Batchelor, who regularly plays rooms that most do with bi-amped two or
three way systems with most or all instruments lined or miced in. Only
Cal plays these same rooms with acoustic level drums, vocals only
through a small powered mixer, two small 12" monitors with small horns
for the PA front, no monitors, and un-mic'ed bass and guitar amp volume
set to mix out front well with the acoustic drum and vocal levels.

But he gets large rooms to rockin', and he sounds loud with great
breakup, and all that. It's just not ear-splitting. It's still totally

When I play harp with Cal, I just line into his board and I can hear
myself fine from just the room sound--and I _feel_ loud.

I lear a lesson every time I see/hear him play. It's not about volume.
It's about _tone_.

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