Re: What amp for 12C

Gotta luv them Supers (Bandmaster is the basically the same amp, "head"
version, slightly smaller 4 ohm output transformer.)  $1200 will get ya
a very nice silverface, plus money left to mod it.  The silvers are
great gigging, workingmans amps.  Sure they don't have as good a quality
build as the BF's (but still much better than most mass produced amps
made today) nor the blackface mojo, but they don't carry the blackface
pricetag either.  Stay away from the later "Ultralinear" models, I think
they went into production in 76 or 77, these can be distinguished by
having a 70 watt ouput as compared to the normal 45 watt output or in
the case of the Twin Reverb a listed 135 watt output.  Though they get a
bad rap from some guys, the master volume models are great amp also for
the money, but get the early ones, made prior to 77.  As fjm suggested,
the early silver Twins can be nice too, I gigged through an early 70's
master volume Twin Reverb for years, these amps can dial in a nice
crunch (mostly pre-amp distortion) and still be quite loud.  The early
master volume Supers and Bandmasters are very nice also.  The
non-masters usually carry a higher price tag on the vintage market.  But
with some shopping around you could find a silverface Twin, Super, or
Bandmaster for considerably less than $1200 and have money left over for
servicing and mods.  The early silvers are all well made, easily
serviced and modded amps that can give you quite a good bang for the
buck.  I think you'd be hard pressed to find a real tweed Bassman for
close to $1200 or even a blackface Super or Twin for that matter.  You
should realize though to get a nice loud crunch from any of the larger
Fenders, you may have to do some mods to it, not difficult for any good
tech to do.  BTW, if you want really loud, real in your face tone,
consider the 6x10 Super Six, a Twin Reverb in a 6x10 cab.  The size of a
small refigerator, but if your back can handle the haul, it will make
quite an impression sonically!

Have fun shopping,
Don D.

Robb Bingham wrote:

> Ok people I have a question. I want to buy another,
> big, amp. Probably a Fender. Tube, of course. So far
> Im leaning toward a Super Reverb, a Bandmaster Reverb
> or a Bassman. Im not interested in a boutique
> re-worked Bassman [if you know what I mean] that has
> cherry wood, carries itself and does backflips. I want
> a work-horse/mofo that can get very loud and stay very
> muddy. I want it to sound like my vibrochamp does in
> the studio- but LOUD at a gig. My test is the
> ~whooooooooo~ in Whammer Jammer [needs to sound
> electronic/distorted when I say ~wooo~], and the
> number two draw better sound like a synthesizer.
> So. I ask this for myself, but maybe it could be a
> nice thread: ~For a 1200 bucks, what amp would you get
> to know youll have good crunch at any venue [and, to
> sweeten it; lets say you have a roadie to lug it
> around].
> I thank you all in advance. It was this [well, in the
> garply days] list that turned me onto my vibrochamp
> for miking or studio. Now I want a big amp- but with
> major crunch and power.
> And, yes, I know there are other factors, as far as
> balancing my distortion against feedback- - - but Im
> looking for something a little less fussy than the
> classic Bassman [which seems to only be able to be
> ~really crunchy~ past 4 when the band aint playing.
> Translation: ~Works fine in my basement/not at a gig~.
> So. What amp would ya buy for loud crunch if you had
> 1200 bucks to blow???
> Thanks,
> Robb
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