Kalamazoo Model 1 for sale

Howdy all, 

Up for sale is my Kalamazoo Model 1. This K-zoo is rare one with black grill 
cloth , and tends to be a bit louder than other ones made. The tube lineup is 
the same (12ax7, EL84, 6X4), but the amp is a little louder and tends to cut 
a bit better than other K-zoo's. I swapped the speaker out of it and replaced 
it with a vintage Jensen Ceramic Magnet speaker (date code on the speaker is 
220420). The amp sounds fantastic, and I have used it on numerous gigs and 
recordings. It is one of the best all around amps I have used in my life and 
am only getting rid of it due to money problems. The amp is in very good 
conditions and presently has no problems.  My asking price for the amp is 
$150, this price includes shipping to the lower 48 states. I take PAYPAL, 
check , or money order. All inquiries contact me offlist. 



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