What amp for 12C

Ok people I have a question. I want to buy another,
big, amp. Probably a Fender. Tube, of course. So far
Im leaning toward a Super Reverb, a Bandmaster Reverb
or a Bassman. Im not interested in a boutique
re-worked Bassman [if you know what I mean] that has
cherry wood, carries itself and does backflips. I want
a work-horse/mofo that can get very loud and stay very
muddy. I want it to sound like my vibrochamp does in
the studio- but LOUD at a gig. My test is the
~whooooooooo~ in Whammer Jammer [needs to sound
electronic/distorted when I say ~wooo~], and the
number two draw better sound like a synthesizer.

So. I ask this for myself, but maybe it could be a
nice thread: ~For a 1200 bucks, what amp would you get
to know youll have good crunch at any venue [and, to
sweeten it; lets say you have a roadie to lug it

I thank you all in advance. It was this [well, in the
garply days] list that turned me onto my vibrochamp
for miking or studio. Now I want a big amp- but with
major crunch and power. 

And, yes, I know there are other factors, as far as
balancing my distortion against feedback- - - but Im
looking for something a little less fussy than the
classic Bassman [which seems to only be able to be
~really crunchy~ past 4 when the band aint playing.
Translation: ~Works fine in my basement/not at a gig~.

So. What amp would ya buy for loud crunch if you had
1200 bucks to blow???
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