Re: flat fee at the time of the session- was: Jimmy Zavala and The Wire

    I guess it depends if he was a group member or if he was called in as a
"session player". If in fact he was a bandmember than he could have
negotiated 'points' on the records sales and made residual monies that way.

     As a "work for hire" which is what I do, I'm asked to play on an artist
session, there is a specific Union Scale for this type of record date,
usually a 3hr. minimum. You recieve a check for the session at your
musicians local from the record company (the union takes out work dues
health and pension fees).

    Then, once a year, you recieve a lump sum check for ALL the records
you've played on, this check comes from The Recording and Phonograph fund.
It is based on a percentage of the total record sales. A similar check is
also recieved yearly as a residual for any movie & tv soundtracks (providing
there were Union contracts filed).

    The more you work thru the union, the more you 'build up' your pension.
Record dates, Film Dates, Jingles, Live performances etc.. Broadway pit work
is one of THE best ways to build up your Union Pension.

    Remember, if someone asks you to play on a "Buyout" that is usually
"Non-Union" and that is a flat one time fee, it provides NO residuals or
benefits. Don't be afraid to ask questions!!!! it's YOUR money and YOUR
talent, make sure you get what you deserve!!!

         I hope this sheds a little light,-)))

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> Different deals for different situations. I think that he was playing with
> The Eurythmics at the time. If negotiated correctly, a major label,
> Musician's Union(for what it's worth) contract would probably include some
> sort of points(residuals) for the players. But of course, many sessions
> "work for hire."

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