flat fee at the time of the session- was: Jimmy Zavala and The Wire

Different deals for different situations. I think that he was playing with 
The Eurythmics at the time. If negotiated correctly, a major label, 
Musician's Union(for what it's worth) contract would probably include some 
sort of points(residuals) for the players. But of course, many sessions are 
"work for hire."

Let's hear from Mr. Paparozzi on this?

Michael Peloquin
***where the harmonica player receives 100% of profits--that is if the 
expenses ever get paid off!

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>Subject: Re: Jimmy Zavala and The Wire
>Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 05:38:50 EDT
>peloquinharp@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
><< Jimmy is best known for the blazing hook & solo on Missionary Man by the
>  Eurhytmics. I heard he signed away any future $ from that #1 single. Be
>  careful out there! >>
>wouldn't he have been considered a session musician, and aren't session
>musicians usually paid a flat fee at the time of the session?
>just checking...
>steven j gatorman
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