Daily Almanac - May 4

Country music singer, guitar and harmonica player Al Dexter was born on this
day in 1905.  Dexter began playing professionally in the 1920's and had a
huge hit with his song "Pistol Packin' Mama", which ws also covered by a lot
of other artists from Bing Crosby to Frank Sinatra.
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Blues harmonica legend Paul Butterfield died on this day in 1987.
Butterfield helped to spark a massive Blues revival during the late 1960's
with his Blues band.  Over the years he continued to push the boundaries of
the Blues, but years of over-indulgence took their toll and he died far too
For more about the life, career and recordings of Paul Butterfield, please

That's all I have for today.  Have fun and practice.

Peter Krampert, author
The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica

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