Looking for New Writers for The Harmonica Educator

Dear Harmonica Friends

I am looking for new writers for The Harmonica Educator. If you feel 
qualified to write about a wide range of topics, please contact me privately, 
and I will provide you more information. Send your emails to: 

The Harmonica Educator publication is mailed, 4 times a year. This is a 
professional type periodical. It is sent to readers worldwide. The Harmonica 
Educator is dedicated to the advancement of harmonica education, and this 
publication expands knowledge of harmonica teaching and playing.  I make 
every effort to ensure that there is up-to-date news relating to a wide range 
of musical and harmonica related topics. The news, features, and departments 
in The Harmonica Educator publication will be of interest and value to those 
readers involved in all phases of harmonica teaching (e.g., harmonica 
educators), and to those readers at all levels of harmonica playing 
proficiency (e.g., players at the beginning, intermediate, advanced, master, 
and professional level). The current Spring 2003 issue has 90 pages, "chock 
full" of information and music. 

Incidentally, this is the only harmonica periodical that provides a wide 
range of multipart ensemble music for harmonica ensembles.

The columns published in The Harmonica Educator issues are:

A column for articles: Various musical and harmonica related articles.

Performance Skills for Diatonic and Chromatic Harmonicas column. (While the 
majority of the columns are for music readers, this column is for the 
non-music readers of the diatonic harmonica. In the future, there may be 
writers for the chromatic harmonica and the blues styles of playing. Writers 
about the diatonic harmonica are, LynnAnn Hyde and Tulsa Reed).

Beginning and Intermediate Level Chromatic Harmonica Players column.

Beginning and Intermediate Level Bass Harmonica Column.

Advanced Level Harmonica Players column.

Scales, Intervals, Rhythms, Arpeggios, and Exercises for Chromatic Harmonica 
and Bass Harmonica column.

Duets, Trios, and Quartets for Harmonica Ensemble column. This column is used 
by harmonica teachers to introduce students to ensemble playing.

The 48-Chord Harmonica: Chord Substitutions for Written Chords column.

The Chord Harmonica: Musicianship and performance Skills column (This column 
written by John Broecker, President and Musical Director of the Milwaukee 
Harmonica Club).

Harmonica Ensemble music by Art Daane, Jan van der Nent and Vincent van 
Rooyen. These are harmonica artists, from The Netherlands and South Africa, 
who desired to have some of their ensemble compositions, published in future 
issues of The Harmonica Educator.

Golden Oldies for Harmonica Ensembles column.

(A New Column, starting with the Summer 2003 issue): The Music of Argentina, 
Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, and Spain for Harmonica Ensembles.

Hymns for Harmonica Ensembles column.

Christmas Music for Harmonica Ensembles column. This music is published in 
each Fall issue of the publication.

Light Classics for Harmonica Ensembles column.

The World of Jazz column. (Writer is the German Jazz Harmonica Artist, Jens 

Compact Discs column.

Also, any other column is published that I feel would be of interest to the 
readers. Also, there are a number of guest writers, such as Blackie 
Schackner, and Isabella Krapf (Chromatic Harmonica Artist from Vienna, 

Also, I have published 17 harmonica books.

You may want to check out the web page of The Harmonica Educator:

Richard Martin
Editor & Publisher

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