ADMIN please read

Just a reminder that it's never ok to repost to the list a private
communication from another without the expressed permission of that person.
In other words don't take an off list communication and repost it to the
list unless you know for sure that all parties involved won't mind reading
this on the list.  Harp-l will soon  again be a publicly archived list.
Think before you post.  Violation of this policy will result in a reprimand
and warning from the listowner and could result in suspension of your
posting priveleges.

Regarding our archives, they don't exist but I'm told that they will soon.
Currently you'll get an error message if you try to access them from the website.  It's us not you.  Permission denied, well yes they
don't exist.  You can read a pseudo searchable archive at
com  we're at harp-l-archives.  This is not a complete archive, it dates
from 2001.  The other yahoo mirror wasn't working the last several times I
tried to access it, it's simply harp-l.  It goes back from 2001.  The search
engine on the yahoo site is pretty dreadful but it's all we have currently.
Last time I tried the garply archives were working but again they're
incomplete.  Finally I have nothing but praise for the VPH organisation,
especially Mike Roesch our contact there.  We've had excellent support and
we look forward to a long and happy hosting relationship with them.  Again
thanks to Bob Zabor who made my life oh so much better by getting rid of
html text on the list.  The digest bounces become smaller by over half.

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