Chance for your harp on next Jasper Mills album at

    May the best harp win! is hosting its 4th Online Blues Jam.  The Jasper Mills
Band,  has been providing some of the most popular backing tracks.

    Well, it turns out, the Jasper Mills Band, whose site you can visit at  , is putting the finishing touches on a blues
album which has a large "harp hole" in it. This album features phenomenal
but (relatively) unknown musicians from all over the world.  If your
"cryin'" harp is selected then your name and picture will be on the album
along with the likes of  Ironman Mike Curtis from California (guitar and
more), Filippo Bertacche from Italy (drums) , Matt Thorpe from Great Britain
(guitar),  Bob Houston from Nashville (guitar, bass), Bob Johnson from
Canada (sax),   and the Jasper Mills band.  You will also receive 5 free
copies of the CD.

    All you have to do is jam really well to the version of "Stormy Blues"
that contains vocals on the Backing Tracks Page.

    You have until the end of June (60 days) to submit.

    To submit, all you have to do is enter the Online jam at The Jasper Mills Band will be monitoring the jam.

    And its free  free free.  Did I mention free?  No entry fees, no
shipping fees. . .  We just do this because we love harp.

    Should your jam be selected, you will have to supply a copy of your solo
without the backing track to the Jasper Mills Band, so that they can edit it
for the song.

    John Cohmer of the Jasper Mills Band wrote: "There could be a cool
opportunity to Jam with a bunch of blues collaborators. And that's no lie at
all. I know Plenty of guys who would die for a cool gutty and soulful
harpman. This is their opportunity for the real deal. Even a chance to
attend One of our studio gigs with the likes of Ironman Mike Curtis."

    What sort of Harp Playing are they looking for?

    John Cohmer wrote: "I'd love a killer harp solo, but I don't want them
holding back too much and waiting for their solo. I love harp poked all
over. Ain't nothing like a soulful harp and Hammond B3 pouring out the blues
like tears throughout a song. And don't be afraid to be creative...if it
feels good do it!"

    The band is looking for that creative but classic/traditional cryin'
harp. This project is going to require all the blues feeling you got!
Because the band likes to hear harp throughout the song, so you don't have
to worry too much about overplaying, they can edit out the parts they don't
like. This should ease those decisions where you are on the borderlines of
tasteful or too much. This will be a great opportunity to exericise your ear
in how well you can weave in and out of the band.

    To get of feel of harp that Jasper Mills is parcial to, you could listen
to their entry for  "Dean's Draggin' Blues" in the Online Jam.

     Jasper Mills consists of John Cohmer (Guitar,Harp,Vocals), Mark Gwynn
(Keyboards), J R  Cohmer ( John's twin brother on Bass,Vocals), and D J
Kiddy (Drums).

    And, as we mentioned,  the "Sessions" CD will also feature Filippo
Bertacche from Italy (drums), Bob Johnson from Canada (sax), Matt Thorpe
from Great Britain (solo & rhythm guitars),  Bob Houston from Nashville
(solo & rhythm Guitar & bass), and Iron Mike Curtis from California(every
instrument known to man). As well as a Harp Player or two to be determined

I hope to see  you at the jam!

Rick B

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