Re: Inspiration - compilation from J.J. Milteau

Ben wrote:
>I called JJ and told him I suspected it was RW rather than RLMC. Since this
>was the day before the sleevenotes were to be printed and since all
>recording information in the hands of JJ pointed to RLMC, he added the
>comment in the sleevenotes but didn't change the track listing. I thought it
>was sporting enough considering the fact that there is a lack of reliable
>published information on the subject.

Scott Dirks wrote a pretty definitive article on Rhythm Willie, with a
thorough discography and commentary on the mis-attributions, about
five years ago in Blue & Rhythm # 127. I don't know if back-issues are
available, but it would be nice to see this article published in less
ephemeral form.

 -- Pat.

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