Re: Modal playing - was psychedelic harp 101

complete ignorance here and it was bliss for awhile 

- - only learned about modes as now learning guitar - understand the scales and that you are using the arrangement of notes of a major scale of one key though beginning yr scale on another note (making it tonic) and working around that instead.

- - feel free to jump in and correct , anytime -

have been trying to relate that to learning the chomatic..

so ....

if the chordal arrangement is based around C chords... does that mean you can use all the variations of modes beginning with their tonic as C???

 eg - C mixolydian, C dorian for a C chord arrangement

or is it that you use a tonic mode based on a note on the C major scale - 

eg - G mixolydian, D Dorian for a C chord arrangement?

i guess an answer will come back ...."well, it all depends..."

... there's a few guitarists around here that like playing jazz but I get the impression they can't articulate actually what is happening (like I can , yeah) - "we just play, man"...been thinking of getting some jazz guitar lick books and imitating them - but I would still be too stupid to figure out where to best use them.

I'd feel better understanding what the licks were based on first and then putting time in learning them...

I picked up a music book in store last nite and looked at it - Miles Davis Real Book - it would show one song as a one page entry with only a couple of lines.... what?? this guy plays for hours...


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