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> New to amplifying.  My circa 2000 (no blue speaker) Pro Jr already has 
> lower gain NOS preamp; JJ/Tesla EL84's on order.  Now:
> 1) What might the sound difference be between Jensen P10Q and C10Q as a 
> replacement for the stock speaker?  
> 2) Ted Weber suggests his 10A100 with H dustcap as a 10 inch speaker for 
> harp, but that speaker is $80  -- how might one of his signature series (ceramic 
> or alnico) compare to the Jensen's?
> Sorry if this is beating a dead horse, but I'm getting to a decision point 
> and couldn't really glean anymore from the archives.
> Thanks immensely for any assistance.  
> --john k.  (in the Tetons)


Grab the Jensen Reissue C10Q, its around $30, its IMHO the best 10" speaker 
on the market today. It sounds great for harp, and tends to favor the Pro Jr. 
in particular. Actually I believe that the Pro Jr. should come stock with 
those. The Weber's are good speakers, but they are expensive and some do not jive 
well with certain amps (Some with the Pro Jr.). I use a Reissue C10Q in my 
Kalamazoo Model 1 and it is by far the best 10" I have used. The odd thing is that 
the reissue C10Q's sound better than the originals do!


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