Re: fender bassman 59 (original or reissue)

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> If you've located a Blues DeVille, it's going to be heaver than  Bassman
> because of the reverb circuitry in it, so that would probably add an
> additional 15-20 pounds to the shipping weight. If this DeVille is a model
> with 4-10" speakers that have the alnico magnets like the Bassman reissue,
> these are good amps for harp. In fact, this amp in its stock form sounds far
> more like a real '59 Bassman than a stock reissue Bassman does for reasonsI
> haven't quite figured out why just yet

Well probably the reason why this is because a RI Bassman is the furthest 
thing to a real Bassman because:

1.The Cabinet is different- The original Bassman cabinet was pine-jointed, 
the Reissue is not.
2. The speakers are different (the reissue alnico Jensens are nowhere near 
the quality of the original alnicos)
3. The circuit board (A printed circuit board) on the amp was manufactured by 
computers as opposed to the point to point board on a real Bassman done by 
4. The transformers are some of the worst ever used on any amp ever made, and 
vastly different from the original Bassmans.
5. The tube layout is different. All 12ax7's as opposed to the 12ay7 in the 
first gain stage in real Bassmans. This can changed with tube subs but from the 
factory it is already wrong. Added also that the original Bassman came with 
Tung Sol 5881's stock, and the reissue comes with Sovtek tubes (oh joy!)
6. The Baffle board on the reissue is much thicker than on the original 

In short , if you want something that is a real reissue of a Bassman. Avoid 
the Fender and invest the cash in a Victoria Bassman. preferably without the 
Jensen reissue P10R's!


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