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> I just saw Pat Ramsey at the BCBS fest and he blew me away. He is in the
> same league as Kim Wilson. Pat was Johnny Winter's harp player and has 2
> full out harp CD's(1 studio, 1 live) available on his website :
> I bought them both and have been listening to
> them non-stop since. Pat incorporates some Johnny like growls but definitely
> has his own sound. The guitarist is phenomenal and at times sounds like
> Johnny, though he also has his own sound.  Usual Disclaimer: I don't make a
> dime off the sale on the CDs, I just had to let everyone know about this
> unknown treasure. 
> Steve P. Klein

Speaking of Ramsey,

I saw him about a little over a year ago here in West Palm, in true West Palm 
fashion nobody showed up, but he put on a great show nonetheless. ramsey is 
one of the best harp blowers in the business. Jason Ricci learned harmonica 
under Pat Ramsey for an extended period of time, and did quite well under him (as 
is readily apparent now). Ramsey is a seriously underated player in the 
harmonica field, not many people know about him, but if you get a chance to go see 
him: Do it! He is worth every cent.


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