Antonio Serrano

I've met, heard and admired Antonio Serrano and was therefore intrigued with the mention of him and his website in yesterday's digest.  Unfortunately, the URL given was slightly wrong.  I immediately did a Yahoo Search.  The correction URL is:

NOTE the .org -- the .com address exists, but there's nothing there.  Ah, the mysteries of the internet.  Some other interesting sites came to light in the first 60 "hits."  First, there are a LOT of Antonio Serrano's!  OUR Antonion pops up a few times.  For those with some Spanish, there's an interesting interview at:

I was MOST INTRIGUED to discover a Spanish harmonica website, with some pages in English, especially interesting since I'll be in Spain in Nov-Dec:

And, finally, I came across an stupendous list of chromatic harp CD's, most of which I've never heard of:

Thomas "Tomcat" Colvin

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