Fwd: Re: Harp in Brazilian 'Jazz' / Flamenco

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>>>   now... can anyone recommend some good Brazilian
>>music with harmonica in it?
>Number one chromatic harmonica from Brazil as far as I know: 
>Mauricio Einhorn (correct spelling ;-))

    Try Hendrik Meurkens if you want someone who can REALLY play. 
Although German, he grew up in Brasil. Now lives in N.Y. (also plays 


Actually, he grew up in Germany with Dutch parents, moved to Brazil 
and married a Brazilian woman, then moved to New York because it was 
the center of jazz. He's recorded a couple of all-Brazilian albums, 
but the rest of his fairly prolific output has ranged across the 
entire face of jazz.

There are a few other Brazilian players in the jazz area but I'm not 
recalling names- I'll do some digging when I have the time and report 


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