De-Lurking, and a bit sad

Hi Harp-l'ers,
I would love to say "great to be back" but after seeing a lister embarassed for a
spelling error I am hardly glad to be back like this.  I re-subbed to the list
after a few years away just to see what is up with y'all.  As much as I am so
happy to see my old pals still willing to help, and inform, and be informed,
there is still a lot that can be done to improve the signal/noise ratio. [for
those of you who are saying "whaaaa?" I was a regular here and did a bunch of
admin when the list was going through some transitional phases about 5 years ago]

Regarding spelling: It is *extremely* bad netiquette to call someone out for a
spelling error in a public forum.  This goes back to the roots of the internet
and the whole concept of democratization in the face of a community of broad
backgrounds, nationalities, and skills.  The idea that someone would take a
pot-shot at a sincere contributor is like any other unsportsmanlike behavior.  It
serves to inflate one's ego at the expense of another.

I know fully well that keeping too tight of a leash on a discussion group can
stifle creative exchanges, but that is not the problem.  Keep your info on topic,
refrain from personal and off-topic discourse on the list, and avoid quoting huge
sections of original posts as they clog up digests and archives alike.

I'm still playing some harp but have been playing much more electric bass and
working with some alt/pop projects that aren't the most diatonic-friendly stuff
around.  I've managed to touch base with pals like Richard Hunter on occasion and
still take my harps out to some local blues jams when the urge hits.  I have to
say that after the initial period of discovery regarding harps and mics and such
I am pretty blase' about gear and just try and keep my harps gapped and clean!

It's really nice to see that harp-l is still going strong,
Pete Brunelli

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