Grant Dermody's "Crossing that River"

About a week ago I mentioned how much I liked Grant Dermody's [a wonderful
player who lives in Seattle,Washington] new CD "Crossing that River." It was
recently brought to my attention that I may have not given the correct email
address for you to order the CD,so let's try it again: gdermody@xxxxxxxxx

Thanks folks,and as they say,I have no financial interest in this at's just that this is a very fine piece of work....Dermody is an
excellent player with great tone...the album is mostly acoustic and mixes
blues with old-time music...lots of good songs...some nice chromatic
playing,too...guest artists include John Cephas,Joe Filisko, Phil Wiggins[in
a very cool duet with Grant called "Anacostia Two-Step"]...I really
recommend this CD.
WVa Bob

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