RE: [HarpTalk] Virus warning (possible harp content)

If it matters much:

As a rule, MS or any major company will not send emails to users
Liability becomes a concern, for instance; class action suits anyone?
The regional reps (sales, accounts, etc) may send Security Bulletins to
companies, but not users usually..
Of course, this is a generalization, but -how- would MS have my (or
anyone else's) email address to send a virus warning?

If ANYONE you don't know personally sends you a questionable email -with
attachments especially- check or to
see if it is a hoax or one of the anti-virus vendors' sites to see if it
is a real virus and what action should be taken.
It can be fun to debunk all kinds of email hoaxes this way -and you get
a chance to see how gullible other people are... 
They are a fun read too!

For instance: "In the Air Tonight" (as well as most of Collins' 1981
Face Value album) deals with his bitterness and frustration over the end
of his marriage to his first wife, Andrea. As Collins has repeatedly
explained, the lyrics are not based on any specific real-life event.  He
didn't see anyone die or drown...
Harp Content: Maybe Phil knows a harp player?  ;-)


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I've just received an email purporting to come from Microsoft, saying
that I 
should open the attachment that came with it in order to install an 
important security patch.  The attachment ("patch 698.exe") contains a
(W32/Gibe.gen@MM).  The hotmail virus scan picked it up before I opened
It looked very convincing - beware!

Steve Shaw.

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