Re: Sonny Terry Whoop

I bought this book when it first came out and I agree that this book is well
worthwhile locating.

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Bostonb, MA

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> Ludo wrote:
> OAK publ. (no affil.) has a book on Sonny Terry style by Kent Cooper.
> The whooping thing is tabbed.
> _________
> I have to jump in here to mention that Kent Cooper did write the bio
> part of that book, but the actual instructional part was written by
> Fred Palmer.
> Fred is one of the finest practitioners of acoustic blues harp in the
> country, and is severely underappreciated, in my opinion... I'm happy
> to report he is quite alive and well --we played together just last
> week when he was visiting Santa Barbara and he sounded terrific, as
> always.
> By the way, that particular book is sadly out-of-print and somewhat
> difficult to find these days -- but it does pop up on eBay about once
> a month... well worth locating.
> cheers to all,
> Tom Ball
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