Re: Stevie Wonder/Toots

> no "Stevie Wonder" brand chromatic harp, no
> duets with Toots Theilsman.  

That's not surprising: who is Toots Theilsman? 
Why should Stiphy Wandrer play a duet with someone who does not exist?
He'd better play with the likes of Joan Potter, Hoverd Leevee, Rod
Pizza, Rob Paparazi, Robert Bon Filho, Carl Delschunco....It's a shame
that Liddle Walker, Junior Walltz or Sunny Boi Willemsen are dead and
gone, or Lerry Eldler, Tommy Raily, Jerry Mourats... ;-)))

seriously: very often on this list, the name of "Jean Baptiste
Thielemans", also called "Toots" is spelled in many different, but wrong
ways. And if you have a look at some harmonica-links websites, you will
also find a lot of mispelling of his name.
Does the world's greatest harmonica-jazz player deserve this?  A little
bit more respect please.


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