Re: Circle of 5ths in 30 min [was Re: Key sign language (minimal harp)]

In a message dated 7/26/03 Steve writes:

<< sorry i wasn't clear.  what i meant was that most of the people i play 
 don't think in those many sharps or flats, or of using the c o' 
 5ths in that way.  some of 'em, if i put up three fingers, would think i 
 key of e because extending three fingers  looks like an "E".  i've seen guys 
 an unconnected circle made with the thumb and index finger to mean "C", and 
 index and middle pointing down with the other index finger crossing for "A". 
 these all really happened! >>

Hey! I do that sometimes in a jam situation. 

In the band gigs I've played, there is usually a set list or we know what key 
the band plays a certain song in.

In a jam situation, I simply call keys by their letter names verbally, as 
many professional musicians do. (listen to Lester Butler with the Red Devils on 
the King King CD setting up "Cross Your Heart" â?¦ "B flat, Sonny Boy, slow blues 
from the V" or Eric Clapton calling out key changes on The EC Was Here CD cut 
 "Have You Ever Loved a Woman" ... "E!,"  "F sharp!")

If my verbal call of key by letter name ("A") leads to one or more of the 
(somewhat deaf) players  saying "what?" I'll repeat they key verbally and make a 
hand sign that looks like the letter. 

I guess I'm just a pretty unsophisticated blues guyâ?¦..  

Andy Vincent

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