Re: Circle of 5ths in 30 min [was Re: Key sign language (minimal harp)]

Possibly an unorthodox or even cockamamie way to go about it, but when I was
trying to memorize the Circle of 5ths I observed that the keys B, E, A, and
D (and the corresponding flat keys of these) are positioned such that they
spell BEAD (granted, in reverse on the right side of the circle).  Eight
down, four to go.  The relationship of C and G seemed pretty easy to pick up
since much of the harp lessons materials that I started with are based on a
C harmonica and therefore 2nd position song examples are in the key of G.
The F harp is the squeaky one (as I recall from my novice days, anyway) that
one would use to play 2nd position for songs in C, so it finds it's place to
the left of the C.  I don't have any memory aids to apply to the F#, other
than to say it goes on the bottom (if your circle of 5ths has C at the 12
o'clock position).

That might not seem so clear when written out, but it takes me a lot less
time to visualize the layout than to explain it.  Possibly not worth the
electrons used to write about it but I felt compelled to throw in my $.02
(USD) in case it helps anyone else.

      F      G
  Bb            D
Eb                 A
  Ab            E
     Db     B

Frank M

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> A little device to aid in memorizing the circle of 5th....
> C -> G.  That's all you have to memorize.  Then increment each pair by a
> whole step.
> C      D      E      F#     Ab      Bb
>   \     /   \   /   \   /    \    /     \    /    \
>     G      A      B      C#      Eb      F

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