Re: pucker/tb

I use "pucker" (actually lip block).  My mouth and cheeks are TOTALLY
relaxed.  If you have to tense yours, you're doing it wrong.


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> > > if anybody says they can tell a purse tone from a tb tone i say they
> > > talking bs
> >
> > there is a difference - the tb is a bit fuller/darker/richer. At
> > Carlos Del Junco dealt with the differences in one of his classes. It
> > apparent to all that there was a difference.
> I wouldn't want to get in the way of a good harp-l friendly flame war, but
> I've always felt that this particular myth was due to a misuse of the
> technique rather than an actual pro of tb-ing.

I believe that an individual might learn to produce exactly the same tone
with pucker or tb. Harp players do have a tendency to subjectively hear
differences when they know the underlying conditions (pucker/tb, materials,
etc.) that they cannot objectively hear blind.

However, it is easier for me to play those difficult-to-start notes at the
ends of the harp with tb.  It seems to me that pucker requires some muscle
tension in the cheeks and tb allows more relaxed cheeks.  With relaxed
cheeks, there is a flexible air buffer that smoothes out any sudden
increases of pressure that can choke a reluctant reed and may affect the
tone in other ways.

For this reason, it seems to me that tb is better for legato and letting the
instrument "speak for itself" (think Eddie Manson) and pucker is better for
tightly controlled scooping/bending effects (think Toots).  This is my
subjective perception that I cannot support with any objective tests or
authoritative sources.


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