The "Tin Tin Deo" Project

Pat Missin wrote:

>Not sure I've heard much in the way of really innovative chromatic
>playing in more recent years. The only thing that leaps to mind right
>away is Bill Barrett bringing an amplified blues tone to jazz playing.

> -- Pat.

Well let me jump in here and sing the praises of Wim Dijkgraff.  Wim is a great
chromatic player who experimented with Augmented Tuning a few years ago.  Then he gave
up harmonica for a while.  But now he's back, playing standard tuning CX-12.  I'd
describe his style as Tootsish but with a more avant-garde experimental bent. (But I'm
not sure he'd appreciate the Toots comparison!)

Over the last week, Wim and I have been corresponding on Dizzy Gillespie's "Tin Tin
Deo".   By corresponding, I mean, I e-mailed him my finished tracks with piano, bass,
drums and my vocalese lyric.   Space was left open for a harmonica solo.  Wim has
e-mailed me back his solo and asked for criticism and suggestions.  Then I e-mail him
back and (how do you criticize someone so good?) say things like "I liked what you did
here, can you do more of that please?", then he sends me back another solo, etc.  

This has been more fun than I deserve to dream of!

Within a week I hope, with his assent, to post the final results somewhere you
Harp-L'ers can hear it.

And if I can find the needed webspace I'll post similar collaborations with Mike
Polesky and Bill Barrett.

By the way, corresponding with Wim has inspired me to dust off my chops on my Pat
Missin constructed Diminished Tuned CX-12!    If I get up the nerve maybe I'll post one
of my own efforts too.    In fact, I'm thinking of starting "The Tin-Tin-Deo Project"
where any harp-l player (diatonic or chromatic) who 

(1) has a broadband connection and an e-mail account that can send and receive
moderately large files (around 2 to 5 megs).

(2) has appropriate software to record overdubs onto an MP3

can take a crack at it!   This would not be a competition (remember "Ode to Joy"?). 
Instead this would just be for fun and comment.

Let me know if you're interested.   

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