Re: TB in 30 min/day...(was IICDIAO)

> > if anybody says they can tell a purse tone from a tb tone i say they are
> > talking bs
> there is a difference - the tb is a bit fuller/darker/richer. At Augusta,
> Carlos Del Junco dealt with the differences in one of his classes. It was
> apparent to all that there was a difference.

I wouldn't want to get in the way of a good harp-l friendly flame war, but
I've always felt that this particular myth was due to a misuse of the pucker
technique rather than an actual pro of tb-ing.

Basically, playing 100% tb forces you to play from deep down, from the
throat, since your tongue and mouth are busy tb-ing. Hence the 'richer
tone'. However, you can achieve the very same depth of playing puckering,
but it has to be a conscious effort to play from the throat and chest rather
than from the mouth...

That's my take on it anyway...

Ben FELTEN, Editor

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