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> if anybody says they can tell a purse tone from a tb tone i say they are 
> talking bs 

there is a difference - the tb is a bit fuller/darker/richer. At Augusta, 
Carlos Del Junco dealt with the differences in one of his classes. It was 
apparent to all that there was a difference.


thats no argument to what i said.

Of course I wasn't there but .. is this what happened?

a player (and what a player!) stands in a room of people says he will play a purse and plays  - honk!

same player stands in the room and says he will now play a tb and plays - honk!

everybody waves their hands in the air and says "yeah, baby!"

come on...

did anybody dare ask "which of the two do you prefer to play?"

Wouldn't the answer to that have been interesting?

the only thing that can be concluded is that the specific player's tb is more developed than their purse.

that's no justification for saying that tb tones will be essentially "a bit fuller/darker/richer".  

His may be.

If Carlos is pursuing those advanced tb techniques this is entirely logical that those tones will be more developed - they get more practice - and damn lots too i imagine from hearing him...  :)

I hate to use specific people - whom i have never met  - as examples but yu leave no choice.

Does Carlos use pursing for overblows or tongueblocks ?

If he uses pursing it stands to reason that when he switches from his mighty tb tones to an ob there will be a significant drop in quality of tone - it's "apparent" - yr words... hence he would be seeking to tb everything to remove such distinctions (?) - I believe there are people who can and will tb everything - good on them

or he would decide to purse everything to remove distinctions - or go the hell with it, the tonal differences are there and i don't care and use the differences in an artistic fashion .  :)

i wouldn't presume to tell him how to play.

a listener would be able to pick out exactly what he is doing and when - and that's a listener who has no idea what an ob is - because it would be so obvious - and obviously "apparent to all" thru the contrast in tones  - purse, tb, tb, purse...

it's ironic that as 100% tber i am being forced to defend the tones of many great pursers i admire.

my initial statement was referring to those arrogant souls who are not given a demonstration - (in the instance yu cite it sounds like you weren't given an examination but a comparative demonstration and discussion - how loaded is that?) - between the two but those folk who hear a tune and from the harmonica tone alone will disparaginlgy say "yeah, but they are only pursing" - or "wow, blocking!"


that's the  bs  i am talking about and that's not what yu are referring to when you say you were treated to a class demonstration by one of the more amazing blockers on the planet.


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