Re:Key sign language

> I went home thinking about what exactly he meant though. Now I think I
> Yesterday I was hanging out with a good friend and we talked about it, and
> then it hit me! What I THINK he meant was the NUMBER OF SHARPS OR FLATS IN
> KEY can represent the key itself. That number is unique to each key,
right? The
> number of sharps or flats increase by 1 each time you move forward or
> backwards respecfully from C in the circle of 5ths. C has no sharps or
flats so it's
> represented by a neutral fist. One finger up = 1 sharp: key of G. Two
> up = 2 sharps: key of D. One finger down = one flat: key of F. Two fingers
> down = 2 flats: key of Bb......and so on.
> Is this right? It seems to make sense. Has anyone else out there used this
> method of communicating keys on stage? I feel like I learned something
new. New
> to me anyway.
> T. Albanese
You are correct.  This is a very easy way to communicate to the rest of the
band what key the song is in.

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