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> if you're willing to share, what is the proper technique?
"Proper technique" is very subjective. "Effective technique" may be a better 
way to describe it - especially on this highly argumentative (but informative) 
format. There is a wealth of direction contained in the archives.

Most of you can achieve some kind of OB already. The challenge is to refine 
the technique to the point of absolute control.

I use a series of focus points on the roof of my mouth towards which to 
direct my air flow, moving from the throat area up to the hard palate, with hole 6 
OB being the furthest forward. My effective technique may be different from 
yours, but the point is that you should self develop whatever you need to do to 
make the end result controlled - pitch wise especially. 

Long tones and learning to listen to yourself are the keys to mastering all 
aspects of the harmonica.

My success is in real time with serious students. Teaching it over cyber 
doesn't work for me.

The Iceman

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