Re: OVERBLOWING-"the 8-track of techniques"-NOT!!!!!!

There are a few players that are successfully dealing with the "out of 
tune/tone" overblow quality. Surprisingly, Howard Levy is not one of them.

When the proper technique is embraced and those overblow/draw notes are given 
the "long tone" approach during practice, they can be adjusted to correct 

The quality of the tone is the hardest to blend, but this can be done most 
successfully in their placement. The challenge is to recognized what needs to be 
done and include it in forming the melodic line. 

In other words, don't consider these notes as totally equal to the others. 
They are not. They don't respond as quickly and more technique is needed in 
their creation, as well as a firm grip on burnishing/regulating etc.

The upside is that the diatonic will play amazing lines. The downside is that 
one must give extra consideration about where to place these notes created 
through the overtechniques. 

This is how I play the diatonic.

Carlos del Junco is the closest recording artist that I've heard to fully 
embrace this attitude. (By the way, he KNOCKED'EM OUT with his performance at the 
Augusta Heritage Blues Week Blues/Jazz Thur. Night Concert).

The Iceman

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