Fw: OVERBLOWING-"the 8-track of techniques"-NOT!!!!!!

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> > No imagination necessary, many notes on pianos are out of tune.  fjm
> Very true.  Pianos these days are generally equal tuned (1/12th octave
> between eacg semitone).  It's a reasonable compromise for playing chords
> melodies in all keys, but it's far from a panacea.  Have we noticed how
> "sweeter" chords on most diatonic harmonicas sound compared to piano?
> is weird.  The tuning that sounds nicest for the smoothest chords doesn't
> work that well for melodies.  This is why diatonics make such smooth
> sounding chords on the low notes (most are just intonated or similar), but
> sound strident and annoying when chords are played on higher notes
> more like equal tuning).
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