Re: "Blues Chromatic" Book/CD Set by David Barrett

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>In this set, Barrett walks you through the whole >process of playing =
blues chromatic harp, particularly in >the styles of such greats as =
George Smith, William >Clarke, Rod Piazza, and Mark Hummel.


Is this the same Dutch I met at the Barrett Masterclass workshop in =
Hawaii a year ago last June??  =20

I've been waiting for this book to come out ever since I bought a =
chromatic at SPAH last year and it's definitely on my short list.  Right =
now I'm working through Barretts new  book/cd "Exploring Third =
Position".  For the first time in his published material,  that I've =
seen,  he covers the verse form concept that he introduced in Hawaii.

For those that don't know the verse form concept explains how build, =
break apart, and combine licks in various forms while soloing.  A =
perfect and simple soluition to those who quickly run out of ideas and =
start to repeat licks during extended solos. =20

I'm sure he covers the same concept in Exploring 1st and 2nd.  Anyway, =
another plug for Barrett.

Mark Wilson

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