Re: If I could do it all over...

From: "Bill Houle" <saxandharper@xxxxxxxxx>

> Tim Moyer wrote
> "My two cents is "don't give up on yourself". Just
> when you think you've done all you can do, you'll
> surprise yourself!"

Yeah, ain't that the truth!!!  Its when you're at the end of your rope that
you start trying the most adventuresome things.

Willow Weep For Me plays GREAT on valved diatonic.  The Eb on the bridge is
a 5Bb, and plays very sweetly on valved diatonic.  I don't play it that
often, but get a lot of requests for it from folks who've heard it before.

Valving a diatonic is pretty easy.  It takes me somewhere around 20 minutes
to do them individually, less if I do a batch.

BTW some LIVE tunes by The IronMan Curtis BonTemps Blues Band:
(and - hint hint - we're looking to tour)

Live video of IronMan

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- -IronMan Mike Curtis *Southland Blues Magazine TU 8pm jam Starboard Attitude, Redondo pier
Every Sun, 2pm Stagger Inn, 9018 Alondra, Bellflower, except:
Last SUN, LARHA HarpJam, Tia Juanas, Irvine
6/11 10pm BB Kings, Universal Citywalk
6/18 7-11pm Mission Tobacco, Riverside CA

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