GreaT weekend, Prague style.

   Wow, I must be dreaming. Imagine: I'm on a tour of Europe and I 
stop in Cornwall. I'm hoping to hear some Celtic, Welsh, Irish, 
Scottish music and what do I hear?...blues harp.

   Next stop Holland. Any "Oompai-Shoompai" Fest-haus style music? 
Nope blues harp.

   Off to Vienna. Any Strauss or Lanner waltzes, any Schubert? Nope blues harp.

   Italy. Mandolins, piccolos, guitars? Nope blues harp.

   India. Any Sitar? Nope blues harp.

  What a "dream" vacation. I think I'll go and re-new my passport 
right now.......

  smo-joe :)

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